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Friday, November 27, 2020
Apple News:I just heard about the Red Bubble.

Creativity. Community. And sweet, sweet cash.

Sell your art printed on high-quality products to a global audience. It’s fun, easy, and quick to get started. Artists are the heart of the Redbubble marketplace. From the pro, to the hobbyist, to the fan with a great idea, thousands of creators are earning money on Redbubble every day. Here are just a few of them.

It's like CafePress but for artists.

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Thursday, November 26, 2020
Apple News:EU supports Right to Repair

The European Parliament on Wednesday voted to support the right of consumers to repair their own phones, tablets, laptops and other devices without going through the companies that produced them.
Let's be clear: we love our older macs and we want to keep them healthy. Kind of difficult if Apple won't service them nor let Apple-authorized service centers fix them either.


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Saturday, November 21, 2020
Apple News:Apple Silicon M1 Screams Faster, Faster, Kill, Kill!

All three are equally impressive, but it’s the Air in particular that stands out as offering incredible power at its price point. I’m also impressed with battery life. And the fact that Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation layer doesn’t cause slowdown or bugs for legacy apps.
We concur that the new M1 Air is blazingly fast. The M1 Google Chrome runs faster on the Air than it does on the 2019 16" MacBook Pro. We're not sure if we're happy about that, but whatevs!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Apple News:Apple M1 Performance

The ‌MacBook Air‌ is able to seamlessly open every app with no lag time even as the number of open apps grows. Safari, Maps, Mail, Messages, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, the App Store, Notes, Reminders, and more are all running by the end and the 8GB unified memory in the machine handles it all without an issue. By the end, with every app up and running, App Memory comes in at 3.38GB.

It may be speedy but I am loathe compare the performance of this guy with our new ASUS Tuf Gaming with Ryzen 8 core 16 threads and the NVidia RTX 2080 discrete GPU. That baby is a screamer and honestly, about the same price and around half the price of the 16" MacBook Pro (Intel). Granted the latter has a much better display.

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Saturday, November 14, 2020
Apple News:Apple Silicon - M1 is here

Apple is claiming a trifecta: better performance, better battery life, and your apps will work

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