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Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Apple News:Microsoft can't even give away Windows 10

Microsoft can't even give away Windows 10: "Despite being free for almost a year, the company’s latest upgrade hasn’t been able to put any significant dent in Windows 7’s user base. It has only just overtaken the universally despised Windows 8.1 release."

It's amazing how poorly understood this is: people who use computers to do useful tasks (as opposed to, say browsing the web and using Facebook) generally do not like to upgrade their OS unless it is a necessary change which will positively affect their productivity.

The millenials will get it too, once they're in charge of 50,000 desktops and have to field calls at the help desk. But not before then.

I think Microsoft's mistake is copying Apple's OS strategy. What works great for phones might not be so great for desktops.


By : Mac Microsoft can't even give away Windows 10


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