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Friday, October 23, 2015
Apple News:Windows Phone has a new app problem | The Verge

Windows Phone has a new app problem | The Verge While the app gap has always been a problem, Windows Phone is now five years old and it's still facing new challenges. Over the past year developers haven't flocked to Microsoft's platform to improve its app situation
I'm not sure there is much journalism here. As a 20 year Mac developer, I find Microsoft's WinObjC project to be a very exciting development.

Can you imagine corporate developers rewriting their custom, in-house applications every year to deal with the latest fashion trend on iOS? Oh, I remember, you never worked in corporate development. The answer is: once. They'd do it once. And then by the 3rd upgrade crisis they're going to look for a more stable platform. Tada! Microsoft to the rescue. Neither Apple nor Android nor Microsoft is all things to all people. Although Apple may have the press in their pocket. Good for them!

I like my $80 Windows 8 phone (unlocked, no contract) just as much as my iPod 5G. And get this: the Microsoft browser actually works with the website that I use 8 hours a day.


By : Mac Windows Phone has a new app problem | The Verge


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