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Saturday, July 5, 2014
Apple News:3 Channel Video Switcher with Chroma-Keying for Mac

b-l-a-c-k-o-p™ - Mac Free Download | webcam Live Streaming Video Mixer | Graphic | Design | Art | Apple: Introducing VirtualEyez 2.0 - 3 Channel Video Switcher with Chroma-Keying for Mac - Free Download Apple/Mac/OSX
We're proud to present this new version of VirtualEyez for Intel Macs. It runs on all modern Macs with 10.6.8 and higher. The CMIO virtual camera driver is compatible with Mavericks and Safari, and the VDIG camera driver spans compatibility backwards to QuickTime(tm) camera apps.

If you're into live entertainment, remote education or perhaps even live burlesque, you may find this handy little app useful for your internet activities. Essentially, it takes 3 live camera inputs, optionally removes a greenscreen background, and then allows you to switch inputs in real-time, rerouting the selected camera feed back into the Mac as if it were a single webcam. This "virtual webcam" can be used in almost all Mac-based camera apps, including things like iMessage, Photo Booth, Flash websites like YouTube and most QuickTime(tm) based apps for movie recording.

It's neat and cheap. Check it out.

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By : Mac 3 Channel Video Switcher with Chroma-Keying for Mac


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